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Social class is: “A status hierarchy in which individuals and groups are classified on the basis of esteem and prestige acquired mainly through economic success and accumulation of wealth. Social class may also refer to any particular level in such a hierarchy”
British Social class is divided into three main classes to which belong: 
- The Upper Class – usually people who are wealthy
- The Middle Class- this is the class which is major in UK. To this class belongs industrialist, professionals, business people and shop owners.
- Lower/ working class- people who are agricultural or factory workers.
Social class can depend on people you hang on, income, occupation, brought up, group you belong to, what are your values, layout on society.
Nowadays social class depends mostly on income. People in higher classes have more money than this in lower classes. The conditions at work also depend on social class. People from upper-middle classes and middle class have more freedom with their occupation. Generally this people are more respected and enjoy more diversity.

The Marxist collection of classes involves a group of people who share economic or social relations. According to Marx, social class involves two factors:
- Objective factors
- Subjective factors
People can show their social class by costume, grooming, manners, language codes and unique political rights.
Shopping behaviour depend on the social class. People usually match their values and expectations with the stores. People don’t shop in the stories where they feel out of place. Advertisements allow the shopper to make social class identifications of stores.
One research showed the influence of social class on the shopping process. The results say:
- Middle and upper class women shop more often than those in the lower class
- For women in higher social class is important to shop quickly
- Middle and lower class have a tendency to browsing without buying anything
- The lower social status shop usually prefer downtown shopping
- Lower class women prefer discount stores that women in middle and upper class.
1. Ad below shows Versace clothes. People can see posh women with a boy who is dressed in the suit. This ad shows expensive clothes, jewellery and accessories. Not everyone can buy it. People can say straight away that this ad is just for rich people.
2. This ad shows street after part...the ad is addressed to middle and lower class. Upper class dosent go for the parties which are on the street. 

3.  Thirs ad shows once again expensive watches, celebrity, diamond and well know brand.....just for posh people. Upper class

Below there are three ads which show how advertisements show difference in social class: this ad shows colourful swatch watches for young people. It is classify with the middle class teenagers. Everyone knows how expensive “Swatch watches” are this ad is addressed to the lower or middle class people. this ad is addressed to “chavs” people in other world to lower class people.
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